Internet Word Of The Day 2


– (adj.) 1. One being nameless or faceless within a group or people. 2. The extra red shirt muh fucka on the original Star Trek that dies when they land on a planet. 3. The group of people that your man/woman hangs around with, but you’re not bothered with tryin to get to know them. Used In A Sentence: 1. “I tried to step to ol’ girl but she was around a bunch of non-descript females yacking bout something, I’ll just holla at her later.” 2. “The club was tight last night, until some non-descript niggas broke off and fucked shit up.” 3. “Girl, I was coming off the EL platform and this non-descript fool tried to step to me”

Granted its not really an Internet word, but ya know what, its my blog.

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