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Now I’ve usually I keep my personal politics to myself, usually I voice my opinion by voting. Recently though, I’ve been reading up on some things and its seriously starting to get scary out there. Ever since the SuperBowl, there’s a crack down on indecency and the price for clean airwaves is the first amendment. And the FCC scapegoat is Howard Stern. Now yes I am avid listener of the Stern (well not recently, since the servers in my office kill all radio reception) and they’re placing fines for shit that happened in 2001. What the fuck is retroactive fining. Kinda like getting a speeding ticket today for going 50 on a 30mph street last year. So maybe saying “Fuck” is a little too much for kids, even flashing ya right tittie is too much, but kids know a lot more then what we get them credit for (the little bad-asses).

Now the gay marriage thing has seriously blown the fuck up this year. Personally, I feel that whateva that u’re into shouldn’t fall out into the streets and I don’t care for the ideal of marriage regardless of who does it. I just don’t have a positive image of marriage, but I digress. If people want to get married then they should. I understand the reason for gay people who want to get married outta love and to legally shared spousal benefits. Hell… probably would be the only reason I would get hitched… again I digress. Everyday on Yahoo I see how different states are banning gay marriage. When I see this it really seems so un constitution, and there only explanation is that a gay marriage would somehow corrupt the sanctity of marriage. (Don’t 1 out of every 2 marriages end in divorce, very sanctified). And what really got me pissed was when I read that Black Churches are oppose to this. Its not a civil rights issue. Civil meaning local to the country and rights to marriage and seems like an issue to me. Again I digress.

And finally… have you ever notice that bible thumpers, those live by the glory of God, ready to spout the books words as law are some of the most hateful and ignorant and evil muh fuckas on this planet. A book which to me, is about love, understanding, forgiving, and following the word of God is being used so horribly. Love thy neighbor, and do not judge but yet ready to tell you that your going to hell. Thou shall not kill, but up on rooftops shooting doctors at a Planned Parenthood. Shit is just bizarre. Now I could go into a whole spiel about Bush, WMD and the war, but my fingers are cramping up.

But before I go, I was going home after work and I was a red light. There were some ladies in the middle of the street, collecting money for something, I didn’t really notice cuz I was rushing t a job interview. But when the one of the ladies came up to my car, I shook my head not cuz I’m a greedy bastard, but because I had no change. Now I give all the time, even though street collectors are pretty much begging, so when I say I don’t having anything, this lady goes and starts mouthing me off cuz I wont give. That just pissed me off to no end. Now y’all why I got the “pissed face” on the front page.

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the gay marriage thing…sigh* and heterosexuals are the ones fuckin’ up the so-called holy “institution of marriage,” yet politicians are breaking their necks to defend them and it. blah.

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