Need To Lighten Shit Up

Been too somber, too pissed off, too depress later so here a little brief story that I’ve been keepin since I got outta the hospital earlier this month.

Back when I had my accident, the neurologist had me stay overnight at the hospital, just for some observations and what not. Now cuz I head a head injury, the nurses and doctors kept me up all night. My room didn’t have cable tv, just some basic CBS, NBC ABC, FOX shit. Every two hours the nurse came to give me this IV shit… the IV was in the back of hand and my whole arm was numb. Now I’m the type that if I’m told to work, I’m tired but if I’m told to lay down, I wanna walk around and a nigga was tired of sitting on my ass not doing anything especially if I couldn’t sleep. But I guess even if I could sleep, the the hospital bed was hard as a bunch of bricks and I sleep on my stomach and that shit wasnt happening.

Anyway… long story short, I finally get to sleep around 5:30-6am after watching A Mad MAd Mad World and some National IQ shit on Fox and I get to dreaming bout a threesome with these two ultra chocolate sistas. I’m hitting ’em both up in my dad and step-mom’s living room cirrca 1996. With the oversize grey couchs and shit, now they have green chairs and blue carpet, anyway. I’m eating some ‘na-na’ on one, feelin on the other. It was a nice ass dream specially since never dream bout a 3some with 2 females. But to wrap this up… I was up in REM sleep and I happen to turn over and there’s a priest standing right over me. I woke up feeling so guilty that I’m bout to have a wet dream up in the hospital wit a major head injury, and there’s a priest standing over me asking the name of my home church. I’m rolling around to get back to my stomach to hide my hard-on and only church I can think of is one I have been to in almost 4 years and not to church I was just at and was bout to join. But I guess hindsight is 20/20. And for the record… I am going to hell.


That is too hilarious, in the hospital dreaming about a 3some with a fractured skull…lol And you wake up to a priest saying a pray for your soul (fate), which considering what you were dreaming about is understandable. Do you think god was trying to give you a hint?

Dunno… just thought that I was sick and I need help. Ultimately I’ve resolve to keep it all in my pants until I get my head right, amongst other things.

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