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Life is funny sometimes, I’ve always complained bout not getting enough time to sit down and enjoy my life, to sleep and rest, to be healthy. I almost lost all that and realize that I need to recuperate so I be ready to get want I need done. But I don’t think that gonna happen. Its been almost a week since my accident and I’m due to have my stitches out tomorrow, But I’ve done so much and I don’t think that been weel enough to do it all.

On Monday I saw a really bad doctor, I mean like “Dr. Nick” on the Simpsons bad. Now, I’ve already seen my doctor and I have a specialist too, a neurologist. But my job said that I had to see this doctor, pretty much negating anything and everything my other two doctors have said and done. First I have to wait about 2 hours to see him, 2 hours and he only spent 5 minutes with me. I told what my other doctors said and all I get is a “Uh-huh” I ask him about my eyes getting real swollen 2 days after the fact. I asked him bout my fractured skull and he brushes me off. The only thing helpful was that he gave me new bandages which I had to ask for. He was trying to get just to wear a hat and not worry bout getting dirt or anything in my wounds. He seemed so annoying that I asked for anything. He wrapped my bandages too tight, so tight I could barely blink. I had to sneak to the restroom to unwrap it all and redo it. And to top it off the fool hit me in my head, I haven’t had headaches that bad until he did that.

Now the headaches won’t stop, I’m on Tylenol 3, taking a bunch a day and he sent me back to work on Tuesday. I know I’m not a doctor nor do I know medicine but the last thing anyone with a fractured skull should be doing 3 days after the accident is working. But now I have no choice, since he cleared me to work, and told my job of this, I have to go or I’m fired. Indiana law for ya. So I’ve been neglecting my health for money and I feel so cheap and hoe-like becuase of it. I resent my job and I sit here wondering way can’t I seek justice.

I don’t know if I can ever go back to the way I was before. I finally stop seeing the accident in my head. I was at a point were I wouldnt close my eyes unless I was asleep. But now I don’t think I could go to that place where the accident happened. I think that I’m afraid on it. I know it sounds silly and shit but when I think about the machine I think that “this thing almost killed me” and how can I function right around that?

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I hope you didn’t sign any forms from the doctor your company sent you to. I would suggest contacting a lawyer, even trying to find some sort of legal aid service for legal advice. You have to protect yourself in these matters as best you can. According to what you posted you should have a pretty good comp case. Just don’t give up. And please, good well soon!

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