January Solitude

Sometimes I enjoy being by myself. Alone to collect my thoughts and reflex on the details of life. I tend to perform this introspective around January, a time when the year is still new and I finally get a chance to catch my breath from the hectic and rush of the holidays. The lack of sufficient work hours affects my pay, which also affects my lifestyle, mood and disposition. Simply put, my money fluxes and my bills are constant thus I’m sit home, broke and stuck on a lame mission on Devil May Cry 3. It’s a classic (-A) + B = C scenario.

The search for a second job is exhausting. I’m either finding places that aren’t willing to work around my schedule or claim that I’m over-qualified. At one point I seriously considered dropping an application off at McDonald’s, but I’ve made in 26 years without flipping burgers, I guess I can pull those boot straps a little tighter, cut back on more stuff and work it out.

Despite the money issues, I try to keep a Happy Face. Even with the series of flat tires on the car, the rough days at work and the large strips of skin shaved off my scalp I have faith and determination that is all going to work out. I’m getting a nice chunk of change via my income tax returns, and I might be getting a housemate soon as well. Now I just wish gas was back to fewer than two dollars.

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