About To Do Something Stupid

I need to do something, what I really don’t know. I’ve gone through a lot of changes the last couple of months, good and bad and there are still more changes to come. I’m moving within the month, I’m going to South Carolina in May & Florida in July and now I’m recently single. (I know I’ve been very ‘hush-hush’ about the last, might as well continue that trend.)

I need to commemorate all this. A physical representation that I’m not the same man i was before. I’ve been thinking of a few things, but ultimately my impulsive spontaneous side will act out. So lets see if I’ll do something stupid.



If you do something stupid, just be sure its safe…whatever it may be…

I can usually co-sign off on something stupid if A)it can be easily hidden if it later provokes regret and B) doesn’t involve large fires. Good luck with it if you do decide to do it, frat… And if you do, I hope I can make it in May so I can see it.

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