I’d Buy A Stove From Them

… But should I trust them with my teeth? Yesterday as I sat in a drugged & dazed decadence at work, I buckled in, and made call to a dentist office. Now that I have some coverage through work I don’t have to sit around and cycle through alternating periods of sufferage and pill-popping. So I looked through the fine details of my dental plan and saw that I most of the dentist in my area that accepted my plan all had the same contact number. I dialed the number and I get Sears. Now as much as I like good ol’ Sears, Roebuck & Company and know that they’re the place to be if you need a new lawnmower or refridgerator but I’m not entirely sure about letting them stick things in my mouth. Anyway, my appointment is set for Monday, May 1st.

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Yeah I’ve been chewing on my right side for a minute. Need a cap and them thangs are HIGH!!!

*looking up Sears Dental in the YellaPages*

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