Things Change

It’s February, already. I’m glad that January is over and now it’s time to move on and start looking towards the future.

I’ve been hold off on this since because I didn’t want it to sound like some half-baked New Year’s resolution, but I’ve been in the process of making some great life changing decisions. The first was that I serious cut back on my red meat intake. Hopefully this will keep me away from Sickie-Deez, so it’ll keep some extra money in my pocket and drop some pounds off my gut.

I’m cutting back on frivolous spending. I think the announcement that I bought a 5th generation black iPod aka “Black Like Me” may have pissed some people off. But that was my last major purchase of the year, that and the RAM, I need to replace and the powerbook repair fees.

The last two changes kind of go hand in hand. First, I’m paying off a lot of stuff on my credit report, including my student loans. After the accident and the robbery, I’ve been playing the role of the victim and fell behind on somethings. And while my reports doesn’t look too good, its definitely fixable with some time, patience and hopefully a full time postion. And since I’m paying off some loans by May, I should be back in school this fall. I know that’s something my mom will be happy about. She wanted me to drop my current job to go back, knowing that I can’t get financial aid, because my work schedule didn’t alott any time for school. But that’s a story for another day. Essentially, I’m starting a 4-5 year plan. By the time I’m 30 I want a house, a master’s degree and live healthy & comfortable and that wasn’t going to happen with the way I was living.


I wish I had a plan like that way back when! Good for you. Stick widdit!

Way to go Tony! You’re on the right path. I’ll be watching u..:-)

Wish I was thinking ahead too … then I wouldnt be sweating this shyt now … trying to get out of this credit card hole so i can afford to renew my lease … 2005 sucked enuff as it is and definitely felt like I came out of it with less than I went in … would hate to think its gonna carry over 2006 and cause me to lose my apt too

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