Fit or Fat

I think I’m about a cheeseburger away from blowing up and looking like the Blob. Since high school I’ve been walking this very fine line between average size and fat and now I’m just fat. Yes, there is some muscle definition, especially in my shoulders and a little in my chest. If you didn’t know people will treat you different if you look good, have a svelte body and a nice face and I guess I’m tired of looking from under the bell glass, its about time that I start going back to the gym.

I have a few choices in terms of facilities; Bally Total Fitness, World Gym, Purdue Calumet Fitness Center and Quads Gym. Overall Quads Gym seems to have the most promise, and since I’ve been to all the other other gyms list. Bally is too expensive and too corporate. I rather work out for me and not The Man. World Gym is cool mostly for being open 24 hours during the week but its contract only and you make payments via a payment book, like a car note. And the gym at school is okay and for $18 a semester seems really great but I get this overwhelming sense of dread going there. Maybe its the dim lights or the large amount of geriatric patrons and the liver spotted dangles in the locker room. So today after work, I’m going to go check out Quads.


Just take ur time, u will find the right me ur nice looking anyway. Its that ur changing for u and not the man…I like that….Keep up the good work..hang in there… its going to come.

I guess fat like beauty is in the eye of the beholder … and of course we’re always hardest on ourselves …. I agree with Junior, U look fine to me … but I guess a lil self-improvement is never a bad thing … Lord knows I could use some myself.

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