Fuck Thy Neighbor

I recently got new neighbors in the apartment downstairs, underneath me. Its some portly white or Latina definitely a non-Negro female, her unattractive black man-friend and a cat. I don’t think they’ve been here a full 31 days and I can’t stand these fuckers.

It irks me so badly that I’m breaking out in a rash or something or it could be that flea-ridden cat they have. First she has been taking my parking space, even though my name may not be on it but everybody and they’re blind, retarded grandmother knows that ‘Tony parks his piece of shit HERE.’ Not only has she been parking in my spot but her and he ugly man smoke weed, not only are they smoking weed but it’s the nastiest and foulest smelling shit ever and its seeps into my apartment through the floors and vents. I came home one night caught a whiff of it, immediately got a headache and almost passed the fuck out.

Even with all of that, what really gets me going is the fact that they are SO FUCKING LOUD. All the apartments are double insulated just for sound, but they way these fuckers carry on, it sounds like they’re right next to you. I hear their TV over mines, I hear ol’ boy taking a shit, I hear every fucking thing they do because they’re so loud so you know I hear them fucking. Dude moans and grunts so loud, you’d think he was getting dicked and it’s all the time. I’m in bed early for work and they’re fucking, I come home for lunch in the middle of the day they’re fucking. With all this noise these people make you know they had the balls to yell some shit about me closing my dresser drawers this morning while I was getting ready for work.

See they’re gonna make me do some shit like I did to that Nut sack with the CB radio.

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Sorry, I thought my comment/solution posted. I’d wrote that the next time they start fucking, throw on some loud obviously gay porn. You know the very vocal type, like say, Gene Lamar. One’s where male voices are talking about male parts going into other male places. That oughta kill their mood! LOL

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