Big Chicks Love Me

Was just sitting here at work at all hours of the night, which is normal and I was delete some e-mail off of Yahoo. As I’m clicking on check boxes I noticed that a lot of them were invites from Yahoo 360 and sent within the last week or so.

‘Damn, I got a lot invites’ I thought to myself as I started to go through the links to see who these people were. As I go through my friends list I see a trend. With the exception of EJ, Karsh, G and Kristin all the invites I go were from big chicks. Not to offend anyone because there ain’t anything wrong with a big chicks, I mean pussy is pussy. It’s just that I never paid attention to who was sending me invites until now.

Anyway.. I need to go send out some emails and take advantage of my new found popularity. :twisted_wp:


i guess that’s one way to explore your bisexuality.

Shhhh! Can’t use that word here. LOL:coolgrin_ee:

i love u for not calling me fat 😛

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