Can You Stand The Rain?

I really need to get my car fixed soon. For the last 2 years I hand my piece of shit, the passenger side of my car floods when it rains. Its not a drip or a leak but more like a seepage from the bottom or the car which doesn’t sound logical at all. Essentially this started after I had my windshield replace. But it didn’t rain until a month and a half after I got it done so I could blame anyone.

Mostly I end up being lazy and not remove the water out of my car so as I drive around, back and forth to water you can here the sloshing. One time I actually had little bean sprout things growing of the carpet. At the point I realized I let this go to far and had the inside of my car detailed and disinfected.

So why do I bring this up… well it rained today, hard. But we needed it after 100 degree heat. So Now I have to go through the process of cleaning my car out, since I don’t believe having a few inches of water counts for me to use the car pool lane.


After yesterday’s rain the sun came out briefly and most of the water dried up. Then after I got to work, the sky literally dump a shitload of water on us. After 20 minutes my car had accumulated that much water.


according to there’s not supposed to be any more rain in the next 5 days or so.

HEY! That’s MY penny! LOL

Each car that I have ever had has only 3 chances to give me any problem and then it’s trade in time. The only exception is my present car because I like it so much. But last week my window got stuck (this car is only 4 years old) and my seat stopped working. Guess what I am doing next week? Trading that mutha in on a Jaguar!

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