Where’s My Li’l Slugger?


A cartoon about mental breakdowns, delirium and psychoses. At what point do you lose all hope and pray for some deranged bat-welding middle schooler to knock you the fuck out and absolve you of all your worries and problems? What happens if this maniac isn’t really real?

Essentially thats how the first half of this anime series deals with. But if you were looking from a review I suggest you go to Buzz Scope (formally Pop-Culture Shock), they’re better at it.


Unfortunately this is about me and my fucked up life. I realized that with all my Expending Energy, I’ve run into the same quality issue AGAIN. Pretty much, I’ve been sticking my dick in negros it doesn’t belong in, essentially dudes unworthy on me or as Bernard puts it eloquently… Barneys.

At first I thought I was deep rooted superficial reason (how’s that for a contradiction) dealing with my own self image or self esteem or maybe my inability to say ‘No’. I’ve yet to come to any conclusion but I know I need to kick my vices aka The Dick Sites. Overall I need I help, maybe there really is a Li’l Slugger and maybe I need him to crack my skull back open for me.

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Face it Tony, you embody all the characteristics that you don’t like about other people. You’re a selfish, shallow, insecure whore. The only difference between you and others is that you have your head so far up your own ass that you don’t see yourself for who you truly are. You spend your time being condescending to everyone else, yet you fail to see and embrace your own shortcomings. Your superior attitude to everyone who doesn’t kiss your ass or think the sun rises and sets in it leaves much to be desired. The reason that you’ll never be satisifed with anything in your life is because you’re not satisfied with yourself. You really need to change some of your thought patterns and behaviors for your own good as well as everyone else.

I don’t know why I expended the effort writing this, because as soon as you read it you will probably delete it.

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