There’s A Name For It Now

This is SO on the list of bullshit… The Gold Collar Worker

“Gold collar” employees such as Whitehead tend to work in service industry jobs, from fast food to retail, or as security guards or office workers. They are an increasing economic force because of growth in the service sector, Pierpoint says. They are more often black (as is Whitehead) or Hispanic than white, and neither men nor women are in a rush to get married. They may be recent immigrants or children of immigrants. They do, however, spend money on name-brand items and have fully embraced popular culture and its notion of celebrity status.

I won’t lie, I myself have fallen prey to commercialism and done somethings similar to what was stated in the article but I’ve never said bullshit like this.

On designer clothes, he says: “I do wear Sean John like everybody else. A whole lot of my friends wear his clothes. It’s kind of expensive, but we don’t buy everything. It’s classy, I guess.”

On fancy cars: “Anything left over is mostly for my car. I’ve got rims, a muffler. I tuned up the lights and sound system.”

And to some, this may not seem like a problem.

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