The Coalition Is Still Alive

And while I have not forgotten about the Manifesto, here’s a brief excerpt on the whole this Down-Low bullshit. And that’s pretty much what it is, bullshit.

Regardless of whether you’re straight, gay or bisexual and you are within a monogamous relationship, CHEATING IS WRONG. Doesn’t matter if your side piece is a dick, pussy or ass, DO NOT CHEAT. If your current situation is not working out have the common courtesy to say something to your partner/wife/husband and leave.

It’s really that simple, this is America people and the divorce rate is somewhere above 50%. A few more break ups won’t kill the country. But I can’t sit here and solely blame negros because the media really did instigate this down low issue and blew it out of proportion. Now the DL brothers are now responsible for high HIV statistics, cancer, female pattern baldness and drunk up all the red Kool-Aid. While I can’t the refute the numbers pumped out by the Center of Disease Control where one third of all gay black men are HIV positive, but I have a problem with constant villanizing the gay population. To spout a tired line, black people don’t see the doctor now, after chalking up gay black men as the new anti-Christ what makes people think that they’ll go for testing, counseling and follow ups. People should think before they start point fingers because soon or later those fingers will point back to themselves.

Did that last line sound like Jerry Springer’s Final Thought or what? On a semi-related note, I was somewhere, on some site reading comments which is what I do LURK, and I was sadden by the ignorance of one commentator. Their words exactly “These faggots need to stop killin’ and infecting the str8 females with HIV and go back to killing each other.” No, this wasn’t from and I was upset because there’s a still a great deal of people who don’t know how this virus affects people. I have several close friends and associates who are LIVING with the virus, not out killing straight women or infect others. Being HIV positive is not a death sentence, I wish more people could see that.


Unfortunately, there’s a lot more people who are straight believe they can vilify the entire gay population over a disease that they themselves can spread as well. Pisses me off all the time.

Good post.

you go Tony!
For that…you get a coochie coupon…use it wisely my brotha

So that’s where all my damn Kool-Aid went…fuckers. Great post, Tony. I think I’m going to design some DL = BS t-shirts. You in?

Tony –

I had to put this entry on my weblog. It’s good to know that there’s someone out there that pretty much shares the same thoughts as me. Kudos to you man. I love it!!!

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