Ramblings In My Cracked Skull

Just wanted to drop a few notes so people don’t think that I’m dead or something, just slightly caught up:

1. I got all my issues with Tiger and Roxio Popcorn resolved. I’ve been backing up all my favorite DVDs. Also I also want to put out there that I will not be selling bootleg movies, but if anyone would like a copy of something I have I’ll be more to GIVE it to you, as long as you pay $2 for a blank DVD-r and the $8-10 shipping and handling fee. $15 if I have to mail. Click Here for the hook up.

2. I also want to make it clear that even though I admit to perversion and porn, and the occasional hot/bland sex, I’m not a sex-craved freak. I’m a geek, I read comic books, I watch Anime and old school kung fu and I’m currently trying to build a home server to run Linux and jabber but like all geeks (black, white, gay, straight, married or single, we all have insane amount of porn). So what if I’m gay or bisexual or whatever, Sex is only one aspect of who Tony is.

3. *Geek Moment* So DC Comics has changed their logo in hopes to have a recognized brand like Marvel Enterprises. But my question is, what does the D.C. in DC Comics mean? It can’t be Detective Comics because that would be redundant. I always thought it was Direct Currents, but hey I could be wrong. BTW Superman still sucks.

4. June 5th will be the first anniversary of me moving out into my own place. Just a few weeks ago I was thinking bout getting a bigger place. But I realized that I don’t need that much more space just better storage techniques. Plus I really can’t afford that much more in rent.

5. Been indulging my sweet tooth too much lately, think its time to one- Limit my spending and two- start back on induction.

6. *Geek Moment* Astonishing X-Men #10 was off the chain. If You don’t Like Joss Whedon’s writing, well fuck you. Spoiler in inviso-text: The Danger Room becomes sentient and whups the X-Men’s asses! Preview here.

7. I need to go out this weekend, but I my funds will be limited. Anyone has any suggestions for cool shit to do around Chicago on a budget? No Lame Shit. Please send all suggestions here.


I have a suggestion…you still owe me some marinated chicken & something else, right? Since you been becoming more and more like the folks we see on FoodTV – Chef Philly – lol, that’s funny. Anyway – yea, you could cook my damn meal! That’d be perfect for this weekend.

My impression was the DC stood for Detective Comics … but I’m old, what do I know?

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