Weekend Recap

Yesterday I committed a carnal sin, I went to Wal-Mart on the first of the month. And we all know that the 11th Commandment states: “Thou Shall Not Shop Wal-Mart On The First or Fifteen Of Any Month or On Weekends.” Luckily, I was able to get in and out and I picked up a white orchid for Baby Mama’s Day next week. They still didn’t have The Wire though. I need to stop being lazy and take my ass to Sun Coast.

On Saturday I went to some dive in the west suburbs, The Nutbush, with Mr. Timothy. I saw my best friend’s ex, go-go boys and hustlers were in full effect and the drinks weren’t watered down. Plus I saw half the faces on the Chicago Men4now site. After 3 beers and 2 Absolut & cranberries I was up on some liquid courage. I wanted to dance, but just not there. Sitting on a stool trying to contain myself, I pull out my SK2 and starting hitting up everyone who was online on my AOL IM buddy list. I really don’t remember if anyone replied back. So after a lively drive back to the south side and some well placed White Castle, I went home to get some sleep. But my phone kept ringing and it was four in the morning.

Also, check out my boy Karsh. He’s a contestant on The Ultimate Blogger, it’s like Big Brother but more people will be watching. So please show my boy some support and he’s already promised to not pull a Karamo(1|2).

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You went to Nutbrush, thats where old fags go to die 😆

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