Shit I Shouldn’t Be Watching


So I watch Power Rangers, Fuck You! I have no problem in admitting the joy I get eating a bowl of cereal (low-carb cereal is really shredded cardboard), watching bad voice over acting and flashy choreographed action sequences from fools in primary colors. I’m a geek, what do you expect?

pr1I was there from the beginning, “Day of the Dumpster” with Jason, Kimberly, Billy, Trini and Zack. I was there when Tommy became the Green Ranger and handed their asses to them. I remember all the Zords, I even saw the first movie in the theater, yea I was a lame. It never occurred to me that this was probably why I didn’t laid until late in my high school years.

pr2I continued watching Power Rangers through out middle school and into high school. Ensuring my social outcast standing. I watched the show, played the lame console gamesand got further into the mythos. At 15 years old, I had all the original 14 inch Figures and Zords. Don’t where I got the money to buy them, but know I just had them, and had them up until I moved into my apartment in June 2004.

pr3As the show moved through its different incarnations, the budgets got bigger and writing got better. There were newer Rangers, newer Zords and newer reasons from the monster to grow big. It was until Season 6, Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy when the writers did something brilliant. They killed the Pink Ranger, unfortunately it wasn’t the annoying Kimberly who playing some other annoying, whiny bitch on WB’s Felicity.

pr5Now the one thing that a geek loves besides pornography, a crossover. Look at how many many times Marvel and DC Comics cross over. Ultimately all crossovers suck chimpanzee nuts but we love them anyway and a good fanboy will do what he does best, geek out. And While I never got to see the Power Rangers: In Space and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover, I ‘m sure I would have went full out fanboy. I was a fan of the TMNT comics which is nothing like the bastardized cartoon that came out in the 80’s and the cartoon that’s out now is based on the comic strip.

pr4One crossover I did see, had me geeking out for a day, remember I’m lame. On an episode of Power Rangers: Wild Force, they gathered all the red rangers. It didn’t matter that this episode completely ignores the PR continuity, it was just cool to have every red ranger from MMPR to PRWF. So I’m glad I’m sharing all this with you, and as I said plenty of times, I’m quite lame, I do watch new shows, I even TiVo them. But I don’t care what y’all think or say cuz I’m still getting mines and I get it good. So peace, and May The Power Protect You.


nah dude. watching power rangers doesnt make you a geek. I’m a geek. and you might be one too mr. mac mini

but I have to intervien here, Power Rangers are just wrong.

And since when is the yellow ranger black…doesn’t that make her the hi-yellow/redbone ranger? 😈

Don’t know bout being hi-yellow/redbone but she could so get it…

“Now the one thing that a geek loves besides pornography, a crossover.”

That will go in the blog of Philly Bred classic lines!

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