Coalition Against Bullshit


I’m starting a coalition, a coalition against the utter bullshit that defames black people. The bullshit that has become synonymous with being BLACK in 2005. We all know that this shit is wrong yet BET and UPN has made us complacent and now this shit is out of hand. I as a black man, will no longer tolerate the coonery and porch monkey behavior displayed by my fellow black men.

This is the brief intro to the manifesto that I’m writing. Thursday I was chatting with Karsh about the incessant bullshit that we encounter from other gay, bisexual or Down Low men of color. I mean the mere assumption that I have to say “or Down Low” is a key fact that this bullshit is out of control. But I don’t want to narrow this problem to just the gay black men since it superseded by the ghetto-fabulous culture. So throughout next week as I finish my manifesto, I’ll drop little snippets of it and I’ll be seeking opinions and accepting submissions from people as well.


ok, i’m confused…..what’s the bullshit?:?:

The Bullshit™ is all around you. Kinda like the Matrix, but you know it when you see it.

You knew it was cumin eventually…I’m back man

I’m down for the coalition, as long at “the bullshit” includes this fucked up concept of “keeping it real” is thourghly squashed. I’m lovin the Cosby pic btw, beatiful I want a shirt made up. :mrgreen:

that sh!t is HILARIOUS!

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