It’s Official: I’m Fucked In The Head

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve been having some trully interesting dreams. To my best guess, my vivid imagination takes due to my drug-induced sleep. In recent weeks since my schedule change, I’ve been take sleep aids like Excedrin PM and Nitol (not together), because I found out the hard way that I’m use to sleep in broad daylight. And trying to get to sleep when its dark is so fucking difficult. So the solution is drugs. Its a interesting affect to, int he brief moments between taking the pills and sleep, everything is so lucid and clear. This is also the time where I do the most masturbating but I digress.

Essentially there are two dreams that stick out; The first involves a rainy day on Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive near Navy Pier. But in my dream the drive curves and loops like a Hot Wheels stunt set. So I’m going on the drive in a suped up Kawasaki Ninja when my mom passes me by on a Interceptor. I yell for her to slow down, but she brakes too fast on the wet ground, skids, hits the wall, flips over and crashes right in the middle of 22nd Street. By the time I get to her, there’s nothing there but her helmet.

In the second dream, I’m back in high school but I’m not the loser wallflower nerd I was back int he late ninties. I was the big man on campus; played football, wrestled, basketball, I had the girl, I had wealth I was happy. I was walking down the main hallwall when the underclass started to bow to me, then the teachers started to do. Soon no matter where I went, people started to bow and called me “Master” and “Lord”. I tried to get away but I was corner, then all of sudden I was lifted up off the ground. I was flying, I don’t know how I was doing it but I flew away that’s when I woke up.

I think I need to lay off the chemicals for a while but its the only was I can get to sleep fast and I need to adhear to a nice schedule by the time my summer classes start.

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You sound like “the one” in your second dream!

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