Where Was I?


I just discovered this title and it’s off the chain. I think I slept on the entire Marvel MAX comics line. When the line was launched I only picked up Cage, a miniseries starting Luke Cage aka Power Man, but since I started to get to the comic book store, I picked up the Alias trade paperback and a nigga was hooked.

Now I’m reading Supreme Power. Its a mock up of the Squadron Supreme, a book that was Marvel‘s answer to DC Comics’ Justice League.

I remember Sigma telling about this book before he left town, probably would have listened if I wasn’t so dick-matized.


I wasnt feeling Supreme power. I do check it out now and then. I liked how Nighthawk is a brother now but thats about it.

Both Nighthawk and the Blur(Whizzer) are black but Nighthawk is a “kill-whitey” kinda brutha. The arcs are really good.

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