Out With The Old Part 1

Well PhillyBred.com is about 75% operational. All the major shit has been installed sans my Flickr Gallery. It may be some time before I can migrate that over.

I’ve been seriously chilling out for the last two weeks. But don’t fret, unlike some people **cough*Darius*cough** I’m not writing something up every monday and bounce. I gots more respect for the 3.7 people who read this. But I digress. Essentially over my Holiday break I did the one thing I said I was gonna do; SLEEP. I slept my ass off in more ways than one. Here’s the breakdown;

Thursday-Christmas Eve: I didn’t get off work until 8am because a truck load of parts disappeared. I didn’t have a problem staying late if someone would have told me before 6:30am as I was heading home. I left at 6:30 anyway so I could my clothes together to do laundry and I came back to the plant. I sat around for an hour and a half playing Mario & Luigi on my GBA and I headed off to Bubbleland.

Why at 8am on Christmas Eve was the laundry mat crowded. I mean it ws packed like it was the club and shit. There were no carts and no parking in the front so I had to drag 5 bags of clothes from the back of building to a table. So now I’m irrated and covered in white dirt from my car, I brushed up against it several times to get my clothes, and this white girl keeps eyeballing me. I don’t know if it was the I like ‘Black Cock’ look cuz I’m slow and I never pick up on those kinda things. But it didn’t really matter, the only white meat I eat is chicken and pork. Been that way since I realize that those cracka variety can’t suck a dick to save their lives. Its quite sad. So fast forwarfd 2 hours and I get home. Before I crawled into bed I decided to clean house, especially my floors. Over the weeks I’ve track in water, mud and snow that my floors looked kinda fucked up. Plus I can’t have people thinking that I keep a triflin apartment regardless of the fact of how triflin I am. After my floors, bathroom and bed had that “Mr Clean” shine I finally crawled in bed and listen to the last few minutes of the Best of Stern.

I was up around 6pm, took a shit showered and shaved and went over to Ken’s for dinner and met his new friend who sprung for cheesecake. After all that and technically being up for six hours I wnet right back to bed.

Friday-Christmas Day: I was up at the crack of dawn watching Spongebob in my draws. Call my pops said my “merry Christmases” and then call my momz and did the same. I was quite content on laying around all day in my draws and day old balls but moms invite down to Crown Point for dinner with Hal (her piece) and his family.

Hal is white, bout as white as they come and has issues coming outta his ass.

Anyway what nigga would turn down free food plus I haven’t seen my moms since September so it was all good right? WRONG!

I hate being somewhere and feeling completely uncomfortable. For the entire time I was there I was mentally playing that game One of these things do not belong All I want to do is eat and leave but moms wanted me to stay and watch the Lord of the Rings Trilogy Extra Extended 3 week long Version that only super-nerds who don’t get ass watch version and fix her computer. After all that I went home and straight to sleep.

Saturday-Kawanzaa & Sunday: Essentially I sat around my apartment, in my draws, watched Law & Order and jacked off. Don’t get it twisted, I wasn’t jacking off to Law & Order. Also saw Blade Trinty was Ken and Ronette. Movies kinda sucked but Ryan Renolds was funny.

Monday & Tuesday: I actaully worked and was productive, I think LOL. Anyway after work I watched some primetime TV and some DVDs I bought months ago and never had the time to open and watch. The rest of the week was fill with more sleeping, Law & Order, hanging out with my peoples, getting my pole wet and more TV. Essentially New Years Eve and Day will have to be in the next post cuz I’m am tired.

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