Spendin’ Money Like I Don’t Have Bills

Sometimes I think the titles of my posts are actually longer then the post itself.

I made a big step on Friday. It’s probably something thats gonna bite me in the ass, but I can live with it now. For a minute I’ve been going back and forth bout getting an iPod. The main reason for not getting one was I didn’t that much time listening to music. Granted I do have about 4000 tracks (or 375 CDs) but they only time I listen to anything is either when I’m listening to Howard Stern in the morning or mix-cds I got from The Slim One while I’m in my Piece ‘O’ Shit, going to work.


I’m a avid mac user, and submit to the expense bullshit when I paid $2200 for my PowerBook, so I couln’t use the standard negro excuse. So I did it. I went out Friday morning and bought a 20GB 4th generation iPod. I didn’t get the 40GB cuz I wouldn’t be carry all my music with me and the 20GB was only $50 more the the iPod mini.So I had all weekend to play with my new toy, and now I can’t see myself without carrying it everywhere I go. I sync’d up my contacts and my iCal to it and I’ve been trying to set up my playlist “On The Go.” I really don’t see how people can get a subpar mp3 player, try to hype it up to be as good as the iPod.

Okay, I’m done being on Steve Jobs’ dick…


Just playing man….tee hee hee
I just remember them photos from when we first met online 2 years ago…lol…and I thought you might still have some…
I mean damn you know I ain’t getting anyway….the least you can do is supply a nigga’s porn

Don’t think having pics of me may arise conflist between u and that tall nigga of yours. We don’t need another JP incident

lol…JP was jealous as fuck…I was just playing tho, besides I just ordered 2 more flicks off of ebay and don’t forget I still have those porns JP gave me…tee hee hee

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