Tony’s Adventures in Bubbleland 2

this is like, 3 days late but anyway…

I like going to the laundry mat cuz there’s always something there thats gonna fuck you up for the rest of the day/night. Wednesday night was no exception. So I’m at the laundry mat and already stuff all my shit into some washing machines, some of the good big load machines int he front near the good TVs (the ones not playing Telemundo or Univision). I sit my ass on this row of benches, to the right is the fornt door and outside is the fifth South Shore train to go by since I’ve been here and on my left is the Kid’s section.

Now the Kid’s section is nothing more then some filthy-ass indoor-outdoor carpet, a step and a TV with no volume playing a tape of the old Ninja Turtles cartoon. So nothing is wrong… nothing to definitely trip about, until this dude walks in with his daugther. He’s wearing a baseball with all this hair sticking out of the back. “Ok, I think he’s just ‘fro it up.” So he proceeds to take off his hat and I wanted to die laughing. This nigga had a fucking Tape Haircut straight from 1986. Now if you don’t know what a tape is, let me try to explain. Picture a low fade, but as it gets to the back of your head where your neck meets, a two-inch of nappy nigga hair. Essentially it’s the negrotastic version of a mullet that was believe to be extinct since the mid 80’s.

The shit was horrible, I wanted to take a picture like he was the last white rhino in Africa type of shit. I was so thrown off that I didnt watch my clothes in the dryer and now I have scorch marks in my draws.

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LMAO! You gave me a major visual and I cracked up. I can remember guys from way back who had that cut! Which made me laugh more is that I saw someone a few weeks ago with that damn cut!

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