Pornography Is A Gateway Drug

I will be the first to admit it, I’m a black man who masturbates and I’m not ashamed of it. Its kinda like a drug and porn was the gateway. I don’t think I even really got into beating off until I started to porn. In high school I would be the first home and had bout 2-3 hours before anyone came home. I had time to find my dad’s flicks which my step-mom tried ever so hard to hide, either from us the kids or from my dad himself. I know where my dad got his stach, from my god-dad, my Uncle Lloyd and had boxes and boxes of flicks. You love going over there when I was kid, hoping that I could catch a glimpse of issue of Black Tail or see if I could pocket a flick (sorry Uncle Lloyd) and sneak it home. Most of the time I failed, sometime I suceeded.

By my junior year I had a nice little stach going for myself. And pretty much everyday I would be home around 3:30 laying in bed with the remote in my right hand and my dick in the left. I was sad and patethic then, no different then now. I don’t know if I ever would have choke the chicken so much in life if it wasn’t for porn. I really don’t have much of an imagination and magazines don’t do it for me (I need my pictures to move). I needed more stimuli to make the one-eyed monster throw up.

Now before I’m judged and labelled as a pervert, just know that I’m not the only one who looks at porn and shakes hands with the man, I just not ashamed to admit it. I have a healthy yet sparactic sex life and I’m safe & clean. Yanking my own chain keeps me outta trouble and I’m not spending my rent money on porn, not obsessing over or stalking any porn people. I don’t drain the main vein all the time, I barely have time to do it. I don’t have toys or gadgets, I don’t try to live out porn fantasies eventhough I did learn this on position from a flick thats as far as it goes. So as taboo as porn and monkey spanking goes I’m in lowest percentile of those who are masters in the Art Form

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You ain’t alone g…I masturbate at least twice a day…I get REALLY, EXTREMELY horny but I just can’t be with anyone cuz my conscience starts going crazy and it’s funny because I’m with the nicest and most attractive dude that I’ve ever dated but we ain’t fucking…we been talking 6 months…lol…and I know its the best thing to wait cuz I wanna have a real future with him…but it gets so hard…but that’s part of being a man…resisting and delaying gratification….so you keep on jerking nigga….cuz I will

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