Free Astroglide

Someone told me today that I watch too much porn. Which is so far from the truth… If I were to break what I watch in percentages, pretty much 25% of what I is Law & Order, 60% is Cartoons/Adult Swim and the final 15% is pornography. I mean, yeah I have a genetic disposition to perversion but watching porn whether on the Intarweb or my numerous DVDs is not unheathly.

I still function in my everyday life and its not like I’m stroking my shit all the time. That happens in moderating. Like a true social outcast: I watch, I laugh, scan for all the good parts and then go to the start and fast forward to the good shit to jack off. I know I ain’t the only nigga who does it. Well maybe the first to admit it. LOL

Anyway… I was at CVS last night pretty much sucking up my paycheck with a new trimmer, toothpaste and some lube. But of course I got the wrong kind and didn’t notice until I got home. Got the gel and not the regular. Now I can’t take it back and bust myself out for being a perv. So its either throw it out or give it away. So any other perverts want an unopen bottle of Free Astroglide, just holla

BTW West Coast Productions makes the best flicks


I’m sick, I need help

Have you tried Eros?

Tried it? Never heard of it… is it something like Wet or ID. I pretty much have a strong consumer loyalty. If the product is good to me then I’mma keep buying it

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