Adventures In Bubbleland

A lot shit happened during my downtime, from my cell phone being cutted off to working overnight from 4pm to 6am several times. Anyway, last week I was able to get outta work fairly early around 1pm. So I rushed home and the first thing I do is start cleaning. My place was all fucked up, and I usully do keep a clean house, but with all the hours that were MANDATORY all I really get to do when I’m at home is eat, shit and sleep. SO I clean my bathroom, scrub my bedroom floor cuz I had this long ass black mark from when I moved in and dragged my dresser. Did the dishes, dusted, and swifered everything. Shit was kinda sparkling. So as my surfaces were drying I took all my clothes, towels, my shower curtain and my bathroom rugs to the Laundry Mat.

Now my building has 2 little washers and dryers in the basement of the first building which is all good and convenient but 1. the change machine gives out nickels and the coin-ops only takes quarters and the ancient relics of shit that they are less so much re-deposit dirt I had to rewash my clothes two more times.

So I dump three big ass bags of shit into my bitch ass-sized Neon and drive up Calumet Ave to Bubbleland. Bubbleland is this semi-new chain of 24 hour laundry mats that uses data cards to run all machines. Even the restrooms and vending machines use the cards to operate. I get there and right off the bat I don’t like it. There’s too many colors, everywhere theres some wild as paint job with circles and wierd ass shapes. The shit was just too fucking busy. Nothing but old folks and Mexicans. North Hammond Indiana and East Chicago Indiana has a high population of Latinos. I don’t know why that is or even if its been explained, but if u go to EC Indiana expect to see a lot of Mexicans. But I digress.

I get all my shit sitauted and lug my shit from outta my car to into the Bubbleland, I get my little data card, and attempt to find a washer. Now I was expecting to get all my washer and dryers next to each other but if a washer wasn’t taken it was outta order. Now the place seems like a black establishment.

So after 15mins of looking around for an open washer I load all my linens and towels in. And then I get one of those feels like my back is getting really hot like someone is staring a fucking hole through me. So I turn around and this dark-ass nigga to just eyeballing me. Not like in a sexually way but like in that crazy/psuedo-retarded/mentally disturb kinda shit. So I’m trying to what I gotta do and dude is just staring. I get up and go to the other side of the laundry mat just so I’m outta his line of sight.

After my clothes are washed I load them into the dry. Now for 30 cents u can dry for 15 minutes. Now that really doesn’t sound like a bargin but the dryers have a high setting. I dryer all my clothes for $2.70 and it took me less then an hour but cuz I use the high setting, all my clothes smelled like they were roasted over and open fire.

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