I Stand, A Broken Man

Generally I hurt all over. I banged up my right shoulder lifting up my tv last Friday and I fucked up my left elbow at work on Sunday. The move when fairly quick Saturday morning, Ken was late and didnt say why other then that he got delayed at the last second. And there was a line at the U-Haul place at 8:45am. One guy was complain that he was waiting for service since 8:03am and no one was there. Some by 9am, I had my truck and when back to my moms and attempted to back it up into the driveway, something that took a good 10 minutes.

So after moving all my crap and taking some stuff over to Ken’s house I was done at 11 or so. Practically all my shit was set up where I wanted it and all I had to do was wait for the cable people, who came around 12:30pm.

I didn’t have any people over like I wanted to, pretty much after spending $80 for the truck I was broke and tired and wasn’t in the mood to have people all in my face. I could’ve use a drink though. Maybe this weekend.

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