Internet Word Of The Day


– (noun) 1. A male or female who frequents Internet chat room, particularly Yahoo!, AOL and MSN chat rooms in search of physical gratification . 2. Derived from the words Yahoo! and hoe. Examples: 1. A man with one hand on his genitalia, his other hand on his mouse and his eyes fixated to an overly pixalated video image of which may or may not be a woman’s breasts. 2. A woman who misleads men about her appearance/age/sexual interests or says she’s going to perform certain acts and does not when confronted. 3. A man bent over naked with a cheap Logictech webcam aimed at his spreaded ass cheeks. 4. A white male posing as a female to lure black men into showing him their webcam/pictures.

– (verb) The process or act of trying to obtain a sexual hook up over the Internet by frequqnting Yahoo!, AOL or MSN chat rooms. Congugation: 1. Ya-hoing! 2. Ya-hoed!

This was something I had to clarify. Its a term I use quite often especially since I stop using Yahoo Messenger. If you think that you’re a Ya-hoe! or something you know is one, please get them help before it’s too late. And BTW, expected a third post today.


I don’t think I have ever seen this much action/posting on your site. To what do we owe the pleasure? *shakes head* I visit here too much to not have chatted you up by now.

the pleasure is my inability to focus. The thick cloud of BS that appeared after my accident is starting to dissapate and I’m remembering that I hate my job, and tweaaking this and posting seems to kill time while I’m here

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