Just Janky

Last weekend my car was stolen, and I havent been too upset about, shit… I can’t be upset. If I get too stressed out, my immune system will get weak and I get sick, and with an open head wound and shit I can’t afford that.

So I’ve been real nonchalant about my car. I figured I be making payments on it for another year, even with it gone (so fucking hood-rich). Anyway, props to the Hammond Indiana police department cuz they found my shit in bout a day. It was actually around the fucking corner up on Stateline road but on the Illinois side. Since it was technically in a another state, a towing company in Illinois copped my shit and is pretty much holding my car for ransom. Like it was my fault my car was stolen and abandoned in streets. Now I go scramble for cash to get my car… Ain’t that the most jankiest shit you every heard of. Its like I found somebody’s wallet and I won’t give it back until they pay me for it… and I’m charging 1000% interest. No wonder people fucking steal.


The thing with your car is some bs.

I just got it back and it was more janky… lady on the phone told me one price to get my car and when I got there they added $25 more cuz they sent out a letter telling me to get my car…. scandelous fuckas

I didn’t know all this shit happened to you. I’m truly sorry, but if you called a nigga err once in a while I’d know you was aiight.

I did call u… bout 2 weeks b4 my accident and I did left a voicemail and then I sent you an IM after the accident. And I dnt want you or anyone feeling sorry for me, ya don’t have to… Learn from my fuck ups and live ya life and always put God first…

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