Please Don’t Patronize Me

If one more person says, “You’re so lucky” or “It could have been worse” I’mma fucking crush their muh fucking skull. This has just been such a bad time for me I can’t even put it into words. I’m tired of describing my accident, I’m still having bad dreams about it, I’m can’t feign smiling anymore, its just so fucking fake. I want retribution but I know I’ll be getting none.

I’m trying to be positive, I was uploading my cds to the new hard drive I got and the Destiny’s Child song Happy Face came on. The lyrics made me think that maybe shit is getting better, then I get up Sunday morning and my car is fucking gone. Nothing left but oil spots in my driveway. And at 4:45am that song had no fucking meaning to me. There was no sunshine, there was no Happy Face. Good thing I got some comfortable shoes


can you please show me where you have described your accident even one time? I know that you wont tell me what happened and I cant find it on here.. So i can see how you would be annoyed by continuing to describe it but can u point us to where you did describe it so that we will know? or maybe JUST me if everyone else knows..

Dont think I said that I explained what happened on my site, nor will I. But thank you for trying to make me relive some really painful shit, so you can be in the know. I have my reasons for not explaining shit and I would appreciated it if you respected that

I didnt “NOT RESPECT” it.. nor did I try to get you to “relive” anything. YOU are the one who said you are tired of explaining it.. I was simply responding to what you posted. If you were tired of explaining it.. Its logical to believe that you HAVE explained it. So I did not ask u to relive or retype it .. ONly to show me where i can find where you have explained it so many times.. Thats all.. Im very respectful of your feelings and thoughts.. Had I not been I would have kept asking you “what happened” I would appreciate your not jumpin down my fuckin throat for responding to a post that YOU made.

I wasn’t jumping down ur throat, just making sure u knew how I felt. and you won’t find any description of what happened on this site

I’m Thankful that you did not get killed in your accident. My prayer is that everything will be as “alright” as possible. You know that if you need anything, all you have to do is ask. “No u can’t have a million dollars.” But you do know our friendship is worth more!

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