Yea… I Thought I Was Gonna Die

This maybe my last post for sometime… I had a real bad accident at work on Friday and I’m really fucked up. I had a fractured skull and 13 stitches. Luckily there was no internal swelling and no brain damage. I thank HIM everyday, and I never will for my safety.

There was a point where I had this machine on my head, I thought I was gonna die. I think I cried for an hour when I realized that there is much I need to say, especially to my dad and step-mom. Anyway if folks wanna drop me a line, please feel free to do so, I’ll still be on iChat. Not to sound all gay and shit but mad love to y’all

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i sure hate to hear about your accident at work and i do hope you get well soon. just reading about you fracturing your skull makes me crunch up. i hope to see you around here after you recover, take care and i’m praying for your recovery.

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