It Could Only Happen To Me

This weekend has been so fucked up… and there is a lot to tell you so lets start with the obvisous. Last week, I pay some money for some new hosting space. It was alittle cheaper then DirectNIC and they allowed scripting. Me being the cheap, and lazy bastard that I am jumped at this chance, just to try it out. Everything was fine and dandy… It took a couple of days before the payment when through and the company’s own website did load kinda slow but my shit was still on DirectNIC. Until Sunday morning… I was up a good portion of Saturday trying to set up the necessary cgi scripts to run Movable Type to no avail. I guess since my domain did not point to the new web spacs, Pinch Penny, I couldn’t configure anything correctly. I tried Greymatter and even some other crap. Back to Sunday… since nothing was working without the pointers I go ahead and change my nameservers. BIG FUCKING MISTAKE. Evidently when I did that all my pages, images, layout and post were erased. And they are not retrievable. I was pissed… I’m still pissed about it, but there’s nothing I can do but to move on. Anyway after 12 hours the IP adrresses propagated and I was able to set up this new system using B2. It was simple enough but its gonna take me awhile to get my layout back. Oh well

Friday was uneventful until a half hour til I got off from work. Thats usually the time, when folks rush to do everything before they leave for the weekend. And it seemed that they all wanted to push their work on me… I could handle that but I had a dentist appointment. And I finally had the tooth pulled. I was a bad experience though. The dentist pretty much “prision-raped” my mouth. Despite the fact that was numb and didn’t feel a thing. There was a nurse that sat behind me and literally pulled my mouth back, stretching shit all out so dude could get to my tooth. After everything was said and done, I was taking drugs for gum and tooth pain but for my face. My cheek still hurts now and luckily the swelling went down.

Saturday, I spent a lot of money to get my car fixed… I hate doing that. I hate spending money on shit I don’t want to. I spent 4 hours at the Dodge pacing, and watching some bullshit infomercials on FOX. They were the guts too. One was a real estate scam were these 2 twin little people and all the testimonials were by parapelegics and foreigners… You truly had to see it… I tried not to laugh cuz my face was seriously hurting but you just couldn’t help it. Man this weekend was fucked up…


ooh.. what happened here. see this is what you get for fuckin with b2. b2’s cool… but I’m wondering if you can separate the input forms and each comment to their own table. damn.

Nah… waan’t the b2 it was my cheap-ass provider and my impatience… I just gotta have it

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