I’m A City-Boy Again

Just some party small talk I had not too long ago…

Them – You have an interesting accent, where are you from?
Me – I’m from the west side of Philly…
Them – Cool, how long you’ve been in Chicago?
Me – About 8 years now
Them – 8 Years? You ain’t from Philly anymore. After 8 years, you from Chicago now!

I posted this to say that I just signed a new lease for an new apartment on the south side of Chicago. I plan on moving first or second week in June. Its a nice little 1 bedroom near King drive. Now I know that some will say that I’m a fool for giving up my house. But I was never comfortable there, and the upkeep was a bitch. Plus now, that I’m moving to Illinois I get some money back from paying taxes in 2 states.

So who wants to help to move a couch or two?